Special Needs Registration

Are You Prepared for an Emergency?


The Allegan County Emergency Operation Center is concerned about the safety of Allegan County residents during an emergency/disaster.  Below is a simple questionnaire to help you assess your ability to meet your needs should an emergency/disaster occur.


I receive information about local emergencies/disasters by radio, TV, or through friends and family.


I have transportation from friends or family so that I could evacuate an area if needed.


I am able to take care of myself during an emergency/disaster or I have someone who lives close by who I can count on to help me in an emergency/disaster.


I have caregivers (i.e. doctor, nurse, family, friend, neighbor, case worker, etc.) who can offer care, support, medications, and/or medical supplies to me during an emergency/disaster.


Public Service announcements will be made in an emergency/disaster notifying you of what is happening and who you can call if help is needed. 
For information on what you can do to be prepared for an emergency/disaster, you can go to the Emergency Management website or call (269) 673-0571.