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Children in Poverty
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About the indicator:

Across the nation, families are struggling to make ends meet. Many parents are unable to provide their children with the basic food, clothing and medical care they need. Children who live in poverty are more likely to have low academic achievement and health, behavioral and emotional problems. This measure shows the share of children under age 18 who live in families with incomes below the federal poverty thresholds. In 2014, the US Census Bureau defined a family of two adults and two children as living in poverty if their annual income was below $24,008.

Performance Analysis:

Unfortunately, the number of children living in poverty has continued to trend upwards in Allegan. While the rate for Allegan County has been lower than for Michigan as a whole, the gap has narrowed as the statewide rate has fallen steadily since 2012.

Data Notes:

Data shown comes from Table DP03 - Selected Economic Characteristics (1-Year Estimates) published by the U.S Census Bureau in September based on responses to the annual American Community Survey.

Allegan County

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