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Per Capita Income
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About the indicator:

Per capita income reflects the average amount of income received from all sources per person living in the county. Included in income are wages and salaries, transfer payments, dividends, interest and rental income. As income rises, individuals are better able to provide for their families, buy homes, and improve their quality of life. Income shown in this graph is adjusted for inflation.

Performance Analysis:

Per capita income rebounded from a low of $20,900 in 2010 to a new high of $29,560 in 2017. In 2018 the per capita income dropped slightly to 28,267. The average per capita income in the state has continued to climb in 2018 reaching a high of $31,508.

Data Notes:

Data shown comes from Table DP03 - Selected Economic Characteristics (1-Year Estimates) published by the U.S Census Bureau in September based on responses to the annual American Community Survey.

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