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Allegan County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority
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In 2010 the Allegan County Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (ACBRA) received two U.S. Environmental Protection Agency assessment grants.  One of these assessment grants is to be used for sites that may be contaminated with hazardous substances and the other is to be used for sites that may be contaminated with petroleum pollutants.  These assessment grants can be used for public or private projects.

The Allegan County Board of Commissioners has determined that the entire County shall be included as the area in which projects may be designated for inclusion within the Brownfield Plan.

Types of Services Available Under Grant Program

Under the EPA assessment grant program, the following services can be funded as a part of this program:

  • Phase I & Phase II Environmental Assessments
  • Baseline Environmental Assessments
  • Clean-up Plans

Please note that clean-up of contaminated sites is NOT a part of the assessment grant program.  However, if a site is determined to be contaminated and require remediation there are other programs through EPA and the State of Michigan that could be used as a part of the remediation process.  The ACBRA would be happy to work with project applicants should these services be necessary.

Eligible Projects

To be eligible, a project must meet the definition of a “brownfield site” and must be in Allegan County.  Further, the proposed project must be approved by the ACBRA and the U.S. EPA to take advantage of this grant program.

The first step in getting a proposed project approved is to fill out the Project Nomination Application and submit it, along with all necessary attachments, to the ACBRA.  This can be done electronically by filling out the project application and e-mailing it to or a hard copy can be submitted by mail by sending it to:

Allegan County BRA
3255 122nd Avenue, Suite 102
Allegan, MI  49010

Once the Project Nomination Application is received it will first be reviewed by the ACBRA and, if approved, submitted to the U.S. EPA for final approval.

Should you have any questions, please contact us:

Phone: 269-673-0378

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