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Application Evaluation Criteria


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Demonstrate Long-Term Benefit to County

In evaluating applications, the Authority and Commissioners will consider many goals and objectives, intended to be applied equally in the review of applications from both local and out-of-town applicants. All proposals will be considered. Below is a bullet pointed list of the key goals and objectives that will be part of the evaluation process. Please review the work plan for further details and information.

  • Project allows a business to be located within the county, expand in the county, retain a significant number of jobs, and/or will add sustainable, quality jobs.
  • The project will expand the County’s tax base.
  • The County determines that a good public purpose would be served.
  • Amount of property tax to be generated relative to property taxes abated.
  • Amount of investment in buildings and equipment.
  • Amount of exemption or abatement or reduction on property or personal property taxes to be requested by applicant.
  • Strength of business plan, financial commitments, architectural plans, and market analysis for the re-use of vacant properties or structures.
  • Strength of references.

Consistent with County and Local Units of Government and Policies

In order for a proposed project to be included within the Brownfield Plan, the Authority and County Commissioners must determine that the proposed project is consistent and compatible with the Local Unit of Governments Master Plan. Please review the work plan for complete details.

Additional Evaluation Factors

In addition to items described above, County staff and the BRA board, in formulating a recommendation to the County Commissioners about the inclusion of a property in the Brownfield Plan, will consider and evaluate the factors below.

  • All applicants must comply with the following County ordinances and policies:
    • The applicant meets current financial obligations to the County and is not delinquent with any real and personal property taxes, fees,  assessments, liens or other charges;
    • The applicant is currently in compliance with applicable County ordinances and other statutory provisions, or has received approval of a plan designed to bring the company into compliance with said ordinances or statutory provisions; and
  • The applicant has no record of loan loss with the county.
  • The applicant has not contributed to, exacerbated, nor is responsible for any environmental contamination on the subject site.
  • The applicant demonstrates a program of overall community awareness and responsibility.

Community Fiscal Impact

It is anticipated that there may be a significant number of opportunities for the use of tools provided for in the Brownfield Plan. In order that the County and Authority may exercise care in the commitment of County resources, the Authority and County Commissioners may look at the number of projects already included in the Plan, the specific commitments associated with those projects, and the projected overall impacts on the County’s financial status of those projects in evaluating impacts of additional proposed projects.

Discretion of the County

The above mentioned criteria are not intended to be exhaustive. The Authority and County Commissioners reserve the discretion to consider such additional goals and criteria which are intended or set forth under the goals and policies of Act 381 of the Public Acts of 1996, as amended by Public Act 451 of 2000, and which are consistent with the general health, safety, and welfare of the County.

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