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Application Evaluation Criteria | Application Form PDF file

Applicants requesting inclusion of a project within the Brownfield Plan must submit two (2) copies as well as an electronic copy of the completed application form (as provided by the County).  No filing fee is required with this initial application. 

If the Authority determines that the project described in the initial application meets the criteria to be an eligible project then the applicant will need to submit a complete project plan amendment along with an initial application fee of $1,000.  This fee is non-refundable.  If the project is approved by the Allegan County Board of Commissioners then an additional application fee of $1,500 will need to be submitted, making for a total application fee of $2,500.

This application fee covers the cost of including the project within the Brownfield Plan and the processing of one application in conjunction with that project. It is also possible that there may be additional application and legal fees as determined by the County Commissioners. 

Applications for inclusion in the Brownfield Plan must be submitted and approved prior to the start of construction.

Project developers will initially be requested to submit an information package that includes:

  • Location: overall site location and legal description.
  • Development Principals: Owners, consultants, financial partners.
  • Environmental Plan: Approach to addressing environmental issues including facility listing, BEA, Due Care, additional response activities.
  • Redevelopment Plans: Site plan and proposed use.
  • Financial Feasibility: Cost of environmental activities, investment, and estimated value.
  • List of financing incentives that the developer intends to utilize

Upon review by Authority staff, an initial determination of eligibility will be made.  The applicant/project developer will then be required to submit a complete project plan amendment, including information as described in the work plan template.

Applications, including both the initial information package and complete project plan, will be reviewed by County staff, with a report and/or recommendation being forwarded to the Authority for its consideration. Once the project plan has been approved by the Authority, the project plan will be forwarded to the Allegan County Commissioners for consideration. The County Commissioners will hold a public hearing, with notice of said meeting in accordance with Act 381. All taxing units must be notified of the projected impact of the project and, along with any member of the public, have the opportunity to comment. The County Commissioners approval of an amended Brownfield Plan integrating the proposed project plan creates an “eligible property” under State legislation.

Applicants shall be responsible for reimbursing the Authority/County for any specialized legal expenses incurred in formalizing a development agreement or other contractual work required to include a project/site in the Brownfield Plan. A not to exceed cost will be determined following application review.

A development agreement between the applicant and the Authority, in a form generally used by the Authority, will be required. The agreement will outline the roles and responsibilities of the developer and the Authority in the implementation of the project plan, and shall contain enforceable provisions for non-compliance. The Authority may require that an applicant obtain a performance bond tied to the provisions of the development agreement.

Application Evaluation Criteria

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