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Fingerprinting Services 


Digital Fingerprinting

Digital Fingerprinting services are available in the front lobby of the Sheriff's Office during the hours listed below for a fee of $15.00. We are currently unable to print fingerprint cards, and can only transmit them electronically. This may not be suitable for some fingerprinting requests.

Charges for State and FBI processing are in addition to the $15.00 and are dependent on the type of processing needed.

View a list of fees PDF File


Digital Fingerprinting Hours

Fingerprinting is available Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 3:00pm.


Livescan Fingerprints

Livescan fingerprints may also be taken at the agencies on this list.  These services are provided through L-1 Identity Solutions, formerly known as Identix. You may contact them at: 866.226.2952


Ink Fingerprinting Service

Since criminal fingerprints must only be submitted electronically, the Sheriff’s Office no longer takes ink fingerprints.  If ink fingerprints are required for your purposes, we have arranged for Court Officer John Wilson to offer that service to the general public.  Available by appointment ONLY, call 269.838.0597 to make arrangements for ink fingerprints.

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