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To obtain a copy of a report, first determine the type of report.

Traffic crash reports

Available 3-5 business days after the crash has occurred; circumstances may arise making it unavailable in this time frame.

Crash Reports can be purchased on line at:

All Other Types of Police Reports

Once a case report has been officially closed and the suspect has been arraigned, if allowable, a copy may be obtained through a written Freedom of Information Act Request (below) which will be processed in accordance with P.A. 442 of 1976, as amended. These requests may take some time to research and compile, so please allow five business days for our response. The response will notify you of the fee, and once payment is received, your request will be completed.

Freedom of Information Act Request for Sheriff’s Dept. Records Only PDF File


Domestic Violence, Stalking, or Personal Protection Order Violation Reports

Persons needing copies of reports that are still open, but are related to domestic violence, stalking, or a personal protection order violation may be given special assistance by contacting the Sheriff’s Office front desk at 269.673.0500, ext. 4219.


Filing a Police Report

To file a police report, please visit our Forms page to locate the correct form.

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