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Allegan County Sheriff's Office & Corrections Center
640 River Street
Allegan, MI 49010
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Allegan County Sheriff's Office & Corrections Center



Deputy Miller

Approximately 4,700 persons are processed annually through the jail. The daily average population is 169, with an average length of stay of 68 days. Currently the jail staff consists of 24 corrections officers, 6 sergeants and 1 lieutenant. In addition the jail employs a medical staff of two nurses, a physician's assistant, and a doctor. the inmates' mental health issues are addressed by an on-staff counselor, contracted physicians and Allegan County Community Mental health. The inmates' spiritual needs are met by the Forgotten Man Ministry with participation from local churches. A contract with Fennville Public Schools provides teachers who offer inmates the opportunity to complete their GED or high school diplomas. To date over 1,000 inmates have received their GEDs.

In July 1998, the jail implemented an Alternative Program that allows first time offenders of non-violent misdemeanor crimes to repay society by performing community service throughout Allegan County. The program has been very well received by everyone, including the participants. The community corrections participants have completed a myriad of projects ranging from painting guard rails and raking cemeteries to planting flowers and small building projects.

A new national program has been implemented to certify professional corrections officers. Certification in jail operations is a demonstration of competency and professionalism in the field of corrections and documents continuing education and growth. The required written examination covers topics such as Jail Operations, Safety and Security, Professional and Legal Concepts, Special Population Issues, and Support Services. Eight Allegan County officers were among the first 24 jail professionals nationwide to have achieved this designation.

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