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Patrol - Uniformed Services 


Capt. Matice
Capt. Scott Matice,
Patrol Division


Deputy Roberts in new 2007 uniform

The Patrol Division is made up of many different units and teams. 

Road Patrol / Traffic Team
The Deputies that you most frequently have contact with are most likely members of the Road Patrol. 

The Traffic Team of 1 sergeant and 3 deputies was developed to respond to the escalating problem of automobile crashes that are related to speed and other driver errors. 
Dive and Rescue Team
The Dive and Rescue Team consists of highly trained and well equipped members of the Sheriff's Office.
K-9 Unit
The K-9 Unit is comprised of four dogs and their K-9 handler Deputies. 
Marine Division
The Marine Unit consists of one sergeant and 12 part-time deputies.  
Snowmobile Patrol
The Snowmobile Patrol Unit is made up of Deputies who normally serve in other units, but are called into service when weather conditions allow for trailriding.
Contracted Patrols
Contracted Patrols serve as an additional safety measure in townships in several different areas of the County. 
Reserve Division / Mounted Division
The Reserve Division is a volunteer unit that works hand-in-hand with the patrol division, but does not have direct police powers. This Division also performs property checks during long-term absence from your home. Please complete a Property Check Request form**.

The Mounted Division is also a volunteer unit that consists of twenty three members. 
Animal Control
Animal Control consists of one full-time control officer, one part-time officer and several volunteers. 


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