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Allegan County Sheriff's Dept. Mounted DivisionWe are a proud group of volunteers who serve Allegan County by combining our love of horses with our mission to help provide safety and security to persons in Allegan County. 

Today, there are 12 Mounted Deputies who are trained in many aspects of law enforcement including Search & Rescue through the National Association for Search & Rescue ("NASAR"), First Aid, CPR, Nuclear Decontamination, and Use of Force.  In addition, all members are skilled horsemen.
To maintain our skills, we are required to attend a 14 week training academy every 2 to 3 years, along with monthly training sessions on horseback during the Spring & Summer months.
Our Unit also has several Auxiliary members as well as a Junior Division.

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Every year, we provide security for the Allegan County Fair.  We require our unit members to volunteer as many hours as possible for this large event. 

Our Unit Members also participate in fundraising events such as "Pony Express," which is an event that includes all of Michigan’s Mounted Units carrying letters across the County that is hosting that year’s event, then participating in fun shows and a shooting contest.  Pony Express funds are given to an agreed-upon charity, which all Michigan Units vote on prior to the event.

We Are a Non-Profit Organization

Because this unit is a volunteer, non-profit organization, we rely on support from donations.  Occasionally the group receives compensation for services, but no individual member is ever paid wages--all money is used to either purchase equipment or to provide additional  training.  Each member purchases his or her own uniform, firearm, horse, saddle & trailer.  The initial investment can be several thousand dollars at the member’s expense.

Send an email to: Sgt. Jeff LaBrie

Our Auxiliary & Junior Divisions

The Junior Division was started in 2004 and is growing, both in number and popularity. 

The Junior members have helped in fund raising events, Town Patrols, Fair Security, Parades, Search & Rescue and Public Relations. 


Our training over the course of a year is widely varied.  Training typically includes different aspects of training a horse, Search & Rescue Training, Formation Training, Self Defense Tactics, CPR and Sheriff’s Office Reserve Deputy Training, as well as classes on GPS and Police Radios. 

Requirements to Join

HORSE: You must have a calm, level headed horse

TRANSPORTATION: You must have a means to transport your horse.

TIME: You must commit to attend 1 meeting per month, which in the summer involves an entire day on a weekend during summer months.  You must also commit to perform volunteer work in the Allegan County Area. 

We require as much time as you can spare during the Allegan County Fair in September, mostly evening hours.

APPLICATION: An application can be picked up at the Allegan County Sheriff's Office located at: 112 Walnut Street, Allegan Michigan 49010

TRAINING: One night a week to take a 14 week course through the Allegan County Sheriff's Office which usually takes place during the winter months.  (every 1-3 yrs.)

FUNDS: to acquire a firearm after you pass your background check, interviews and training.  A few other smaller items are needed, such as a duty belt/holster, uniform, white straw western hat, brown felt western hat, brown or black riding boots/shoes, etc.  It is recommended that you don’t purchase any of these items until you are sure you've passed all levels of acceptance, and know exactly what is required.


  • Horse Qualifications:  Every Spring, we set up a course to test all horses.  We require each horse and rider to pass this test course every year.  Tack is also checked for safety and to be sure that it meets our specifications, and each rider is observed for horsemanship skills.
  • Handgun Qualifications: Every Fall and Spring, each Mounted Division member must qualify with their firearm according to Sheriff’s Department standards. 

Contact Us

To inquire about joining, email: Sgt. Jeff LaBrie
We are members of the Michigan Sheriff's Mounted Association.
Allegan County Sheriff's Dept

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